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Brake Motors

Simple construction and installation. The operation of the brake is 'Fail safe Type' i.e. NORMALLY ON. The brake is applied when the power to the motor is cut OFF or if power failure occurs. Being a simple and robust construction, these motors need little maintenance. In case of failure it can be repaired easily and quickly. Special Brake liners are used to ensure that the braking torque remains constant throughout the use. Copensation for liner wear is very simnple. Also the torque adjustment is very easy.


Manual release is provided for brakes up to 160 frame. Incase of power failure or incase of motor maintenance the manual release can be pushed back for releasing the brake for rotating shaft. Dust protecting seal is provided for protection of brake liners from dust. The switching time of the brake motor is very fast almost instantaneously.


RANGES: 0.18 KW / 0.25 HP to 22 KW / 30 HP
SPEED: 750 / 1000 / 1500 / 3000 RPM
BRAKE TYPE: 14.448 & 14.449
BRAKE SIZE: 06 To 20
FRAME: 63 to 180L
APPLICATION: Cranes, Textile Machinery, etc.,
Dimension On Request


» Brake Motors with Electro Magnetic Brake and Pneumatic Brake can be provided as per the requirement.
» rectifier is used to supply power to brake from motor.