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Cooling Tower Motors

Coolant Tower Electric Motors


RANGES: 0.18 KW / 0.25 HP to 15 KW / 20 HP
SPEED: 750 / 1000 RPM
FRAME: 63 to 180L
APPLICATION: Cooling Tower Purpose
Dimension On Request


» Castings for body frame end shields, bearing shields etc., are made out of quality graded grey iron casting which assures fairly long years of utility.
» Pressure die-cast aluminium body for frame 63 to 180 L also available.
» All motors are supplied with ‘B’ class insulation.Insulation class ‘F’ and ‘H’ can be given on request.
» All standard motors are capable for service factor 1.1 at rated voltage and frequency / or continuous duty.
» Core materials are with low loss high grade silicon steel.
» Oil seals are provided to ensure IP 55 protection.