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  • Castings for body frame end shields, bearing shields etc., are made out of quality graded grey iron casting which assures fairly long years of utility.
  • Pressure die-cast aluminium body for frame 63 to 180 L also available.
  • Terminal box 63-90 frame terminal box position on top side.For other frames terminal box position will be right hand side, When viewed and from the drive end,and Terminal box on left hand side can be given on request.Terminal box can be rotated in a step of 90° through 360° for desired direction of cable entries.All terminal boxes are designed for maximum space for ease of connection.
  • All motors are supplied with ‘B’ class insulation.Insulation class ‘F’ and ‘H’ can be given on request.
  • All standard motors are capable for service factor 1.1 at rated voltage and frequency / or continuous duty.
  • Rotors are of squirrel cage , aluminium diecast and are dynamically balanced with a half key to keep the vibration levels very low.
  • Core materials are with low loss high grade silicon steel.
  • Windings are wound with Polyester enameled ‘F’ class wire & impregnated with thermo setting by varnishing oven.
  • All motors are suitable to 415V+/-10%,50Hz +/-5% & combined +/- 10% variations unless otherwise specified.
  • All motors can withstand momentary overload of 1.6 times of rated torque, for 15 seconds without stalling.
  • Motors are designed for continuous duty at an ambient temp 40° C.
  • Thermistors (PTC) can be provided on request to avoid single phasing and over heating due to excess load on the motor.
  • Cable gland suitable ¾” to 1” with B.S conduit threadings.Other type of entries can be given on request.
  • All standard motors are having deep groove ball bearings.Deep groove ball bearings are capable of taking axial loads in both be direction in addition to the radial loads at high speeds.
  • Bearings are double shielded and are adequately filled with lithium based high temp. (up to 120° C) grease.Therefore no relubrication required. Life of the bearing is normally 15000 to 25000 working hours depending upon operating conditions.
  • Oil seals are provided to ensure IP 55 protection.
  • Noise level of the motors are maintened as per specification IS : 12065
  • Motors are tested for vibration level of normal class as per IS : 12075:


Ideal for frequent starts/stops & reversing operations in material handlings, lifts, hoists & rolling mills.

Motors are suitable for

  • Short time duty(S2)
  • Intermittent periodic duty(S3)
  • Intermittent duty with starting(S4)
  • Intermittent duty with starting & electrical Braking(S5)


Simple construction and installation. The Operation of the Brake is 'Fail safe Type' i.e NORMALLY ON.The brake is applied when the power to the motor is cut OFF or if power failure occurs.Being a simple and robust construction,these motors need little maintenance. In case of failure it can be repaired easily and quickly.Special Brake liners are used to ensure that the braking torque remains constant throughout the use.Compensation for linear wear is very simple. Also the torque adjustment is very easy.

  • Manual release is provided for brakes up to 160 frame.Incase of power failure or incase of motor maintenance the manual release can be pushed back for releasing the brake for rotating shaft.
  • Dust protecting seal is provided for protection of brake liners from dust.
  • The switching time of the brake motor is very fast almost instantaneously.
  • The brake motor is provided with the rectifier unit, therefore no seperate DC supply is necessary for energizing the brake coil. Varistor is provided across the D.C. terminals to protect brake coil and rectifier against line and induced voltages, due to switching.
  • NORMALLY OFF type brakes can also be offered on request. These type of brakes are very compact in design and have operating reliability.The line are made up of special friction material and the brake is almost maintenance free.
  • AC fail safe, pnematic type brake motors can be offered on request.
  • Braking torque depends upon output rating and speed of the motor. Hence customers are requested to give the exact application of the motor for selecting the correct brake size.


  • CS&R(Capacitor Start and Run), CSIR(Capacitor Start Induction Run), CSCR(Capacitor Start Capacitor Run)
  • Voltage range 230V+/- 10% Frequency 50HZ+/-% combined +/- 10%,
  • 110v, 60HZ +/- 5%
  • Motors TEFC construction with IP protection.
  • Centrifugal Switch designed for free operation with bimetal silver contacts to prevent the arc formation.
  • Capacitor start induction run motors have starting torque which are suitable for machine tools, small compressors, booster pumps, atta chakki etc, where frequent start/stop and high load inertia is involved.
  • Synchronous speed 750 rpm can be give in CS & R type.
  • Special shaft extension / double ended shaft can be given.
  • All other features similar to standard motors.


  • Energy saving loom motors are suitable 415+/- 10%.
  • Designed as per IS : 2972 part - 1.
  • Frame & End shield construction in Cast iron of robust and non vibrating design.
  • Shafts are made out of EN 8 steel
  • Special rotors which are dynamically balanced
    Totally enclosed naturally cooling. Weather proof to resist moisture.
  • Specialy designed with high starting torque and pull out torque and to with stand irregular and in itermittent operation, involving rapidly power requirements within power requirements within wide limits.
  • Range 0.37 KW (0.5HP) to 2.2 KW (3 HP) Speed : 750,1000 RPM Frame : 90S-132M .


  • Mounting V1 (Shaft downward position)
  • Shaft is supplied with stainless AISI-410 grade material
  • Relative Humidity 90%
  • Flange B.5 as per IS 2293
  • All other features similar to standard motors.
  • Any other requirements such as mounting, special construction, thrust bearing arrangement, special shaft extention and supply voltage frequency can be available on request at extra cost.


  • Motors are suitable for mounting in horizontal & vertical position.
  • Horizontal mounting position B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B14, B35 & B34
  • Vertical mounting position - V1, V3, V5, V6, V1 & V19


    All motors are with totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) type enclosure. However totally naturally cooled & Air over motors can be supplied on request. Motors suitable to IP 44, IP 54 & IP 55 protection can be supplied.


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