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Gear Box

Helical Gear Box / Worm Gear Box

TH Helical Gear Box:

TH series Helical Gear box are speed reducers as it is capable of exhibiting optimum torque density, product range, price effectiveness and gear compactness.


» high durability and reliability
» quite and noiseless operation
» high torque
» accepts standard IEC motors
» wide range of ratios
» gears from hardened and case-hardened steel.

TW - Worm Gear Box:

Helical Gear Box / Worm Gear Box

» worm shaft made of case hardened steel for high strength & efficiency
» high durability-The gear box made of high quality aluminium alloy, non-rusting
» superior efficiency and low noise because of precise machine
» High reduction ratio
» efficient radiator
» Lubricated for life and maintenance free operation.

Specifications can be provided against enquiry.